Ticket Request

A better purchase experience for high-demand events.

Collect “Ticket Requests” for high-demand events

By using the Applauze Ticket Requests feature you can collect an unlimited number of requests to buy tickets.

How it works

Your fans are given a set period of time during which they can add their credit card and request tickets to an event. When that period is over, winners are randomly selected, credit cards are automatically charged, and fans are notified of the result.

A better experience for your fans

The ticket request period gives everyone a fair shot at buying tickets and allows you to reward and re-engage those who are not selected.

Collect data on all interested fans

With a traditional setup, you would only be able to collect data on fans who were fast enough to secure tickets in their cart. By using a Ticket Request period, you are able to collect data on every single fan who indicated they were interested in buying tickets.